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How to become a member of BCD

Can you hack it in the real world of Search and Rescue and Disaster Mitigation?
Do you have the drive, qualities and courage to be a volunteer world class Civil Defender?

If so then join the very best and ignore the rest. You will not always be on television or in the newspapers as many interventionists are but you will be in the very front line of saving lives and preventing suffering.
Our informed and committed aims are the care, safety and dignity of casualties, their families, or even whole communities that British Civil Defence works to protect.

No posers or self-publicists need apply.

Recruits join BCD as ordinary members. They then undergo a period of introductory training and evaluation.
The members' core skills and previous experience determine the length of time of this period.
Following this members may decide if they want to become operational and then apply for a position in a team, i.e. Headquarters, Search Dogs, Search and Rescue, Technical Aid, Logistics, Animal Rescue, Flood Rescue.

Operational members are required to train to internationally recognised levels of certification in order to qualify to be included in any one of the teams operating either nationally or internationally.

Training is long, hard and very thorough and includes many subjects right through from the complexities and skills of all hazards Search and Rescue to Technical Aid and Disaster Management, at all levels of response.

The time taken to qualify for certification at each level of advancement depends very much on the members' commitment to the work. Most gain their first certificate around the two-year mark

  • You should be:
    Available at short notice.
    Hold a current first aid certificate.
    Able to work as a team member and able to become an active
    team member in one of the specialist teams or at headquarters.
    Prepared to commit the necessary time to travelling and training.
  • And have access to:
    A current passport if applicable, (International Teams).
    A telephone.
    Motor vehicle and current driving licence

If this is you then please write to or email the Director General's Office with your name address and a short CV and stating the reasons why you wish to join.
Currently we would encourage volunteers from the East Midlands area.
Contact Information can be found on the Home Page, or e-mail from here.

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British Civil Defence rigorously supports equal opportunities for all volunteers.

Unfortunately personnel currently serving in the Emergency Services will not
be accepted as volunteers due to the requirements and demands of their service elsewhere.

© British Civil Defence

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