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International Search and Rescue Team

The team has been active in many overseas Specialist Rapid Interventions.
247 all hazard missions including wars have been undertaken since 1967, while its officers have as individuals carried out thousands of jobs both in the UK and abroad.
The team is registered both with the British Government, theUnited Nations (INSARAG) and the International Civil Defence Organisation.

British Civil Defence response.
Armenian Earthquake 1988

Major flooding response and heavy rescue/casualty extrication following earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or bombing/missile attacks are team specialities.

Many officers have been presented with commendations for their skill and courage when carrying out their often hazardous duties.
The team has been responsible for saving several thousand lives.

The Power of the Volcano.
 Armero Colombia 1985

It also holds the distinction of being the first (1968) non-military rescue unit to operate a parachutist and air-mobile section.
All officers are trained and certificated to carry out missions abroad. Reconnaissance and Assessment (R/A) missions are also undertaken when requested. (Iran 1990 and Kosova 1999).

Civil Defence Casualty Extrication Officer (Tunnel Rat) searching and listening deep within a collapsed building
 in Yalova, Turkey. August 1999 (Izmit Earthquake)

© British Civil Defence

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