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International Emergency Technical Aid Team

Responding as Specialist Rapid Technical Aid Interventionists to overseas rapid onset emergencies and wars since 1967. Technical Aid usually means supplying clean drinking water and other services vital to protect refugees and displaced peoples health.

Over a hundred missions have been undertaken both at home and abroad. In the past decade work has been undertaken during the Kurdish Crisis in 1991, the Rwanda civil war of 1994, in Croatia and Bosnia 1991-1996 and Kosova 1999-2001.

Supplying drinking water to 600
civil war orphans. Ruhango, Rwanda

In May 1999, two teams carried out missions in Albania,
working to help relieve the terrible suffering of the Kosova Refugees fleeing Serb ethnic cleansing.
A mission also supplied tents, fold-a-way beds and four-season sleeping bags to some of the homeless and freezing citizens of Duzce, Turkey, following the November 1999 Earthquake.
Lack of money prevented BCD from doing more!
The team has successfully protected over three quarters of a million people since its inception 35 years ago.
All officers are trained and certificated to carry out missions abroad.

Supplying food to starving children.  Ruhango, Rwanda

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