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Work of British Civil Defence in the recent Turkish earthquakes

In this collapse BCD officers,
Turkish survivors and volunteers recovered the body of a lady who died in very tragic circumstances. Golcuk.

(Turkey August 1999 Izmit Earthquake)

BCD tunnel rat and Turkish Volunteers taking turns in driving a tunnel towards a trapped casualty
(Golcuk, Turkey, August 1999, Izmit Earthquake)

Two of the BCD team seen with 3 Turkish Air-Mobile Rescue Team volunteers in the back of a truck crewed by Turkish volunteer drivers on the road to Istanbul.
( Duzce,Turkey November 1999 Earthquake)

Five storey holiday apartments in which BCD Officers and Turkish volunteers searched for and found casualties in the crushed remains of the ground and first floors. Aydin Kent 2. Yalova. Turkey August 1999 (Izmit Earthquake)

The clear view of trench-void-tunnel work in order to rescue a casualty. Golcuk (Turkey August 1999 Izmit Earthquake)

Marking a collapsed building as cleared following the search for two missing female medical receptionists.
(Turkey November 1999 Duzce Earthquake)

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